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Friday, October 29, 2010

Vintage Inspired Jewelry

I LOVE vintage inspired jewelry, in fact I love almost anything vintage inspired!  Right now there's a lot of clothing, jewelry, furniture, decor, etc. that lends itself to this style.  I have been staying extremely busy with my photography, but now that Winter is coming I will have much more time to design new pieces that reflect this personna! 
  I've also been making fabric flowers lately and love how each one is unique.  I have been incorporating these into various designs and love how they are turning out!  As Winter approaches, and I have even more time for jewelry designing, I will be blogging about these new pieces!  I will also be restocking my Etsy store with new vintage inspired pieces!  You won't wanna miss them!

  As many of you may know, I not only have this blog but Lauren Elise Designs is on Facebook!  Become a fan to see the latest designs, replica handbags, and special offers! ;-D

I'm looking forward to taking pictures of new jewelry pieces and getting them online for all to see!!  For now, I'm preparing for a BIG party on November 6th in Minot, ND!  I'll be busy preparing for that, but hope to have new pictures up soon as well as a freshly stocked Etsy store!

Have a great weekend everyone!!


~Lauren Elise