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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Meet the Designer!

Hello Everyone,
    I thought I'd take the time to introduce myself -I'm the creator of Lauren Elise Designs and enjoy every minute of being able to create beautiful jewelry for family, friends and clients.  However, I not only love making jewelry but have a huge passion for photography!  They really go hand in hand as they both require me to use my "artistic eye" and create something -either with my camera lens or with my hands!  I hopefully will be introducing a photography blog next year sometime.  I'm looking forward to eventually sharing my perspective on the world around me, through my photography, with all of you.
        I also enjoy cooking, which my husband of course appreciates.  I hate to follow a recipe but rather cook to my taste, I feel that recipes are more like guidelines anyway - I think you will never go wrong with this approach.  Creating a recipe and indulging in the reward of following your instinct is such a wonderful experience!  I've tried to push myself to cook new and exciting recipes and have been quite pleased with the outcome.  We prefer healthy eating but only love healthy recipes that contain lots of flavor!
        I am also dedicated to my music, playing the piano is something that my parents forced me to learn when I was young and now I'm ever so thankful for that!  I enjoy being our church's pianist and feel privileged to be able to use my talent for my Lord!  Unwinding from a long day, can be done by sitting at the piano and playing my favorite piece.  It's amazing how beautiful and emotional a string of notes can be.  The amount of emotion a song conveys is amazing, especially when it's God honoring music.
      Decorating my home and making it a relaxing, beautiful place to be is another hobby of mine and something that I find great happiness in doing.  I love being a keeper at home, taking care of my husband and making new traditions together.  Life is wonderful! When we're not at home, we're thrilled to be able to do some traveling....did I mention that experiencing new places is ANOTHER love of mine?  My husband and I went to Australia for our honeymoon and now soon to be four years later, we're wanting to plan an encore trip!  If we didn't live in America, I guarantee you it would be Australia.  We LOVE "Down Under" and enjoy all the memories we have from being there.  Lord willing, we'll make it back there again one day!

      All of these "hobbies" of mine are what I consider to be my creative outlets and I LOVE them all!  How do you split your time among all the things that you love to do?  I'm having a hard time figuring that out.  Oh and did I mention that I've thought about learning to sew?  I've also wanted to try my hand at painting.  Where do you draw the line?  I love trying new things and will continue to enjoy experiencing the unknown, but first and foremost my "job" and hobby if you will, is being a wife to my amazing husband!  When your priorities are right, your life will reflect it.  I'm thankful for a husband who supports me in everything that I do, helps me reach for my dreams, and is proud of me no matter the outcome.  I am who I am because of what the Lord has done in my life and due to the wonderful man I have married.  I'm thankful for a life full of hobbies that I enjoy but I'm here to say that that's not what life is all about.

                                                                     ~Lauren Elise

Friday, December 4, 2009


    Hello everyone!  I pray that you're having a wonderful Christmas season!  I LOVE this time of year and have been enjoying getting our house into the "festive" mood with all the lights and decor!  There's nothing more relaxing than sitting by a warm fire, amidst all the beautiful decorations, with the twinkle of lights all around as a gentle snow falls outside.  It truly is almost "magical" and a time that I can appreciate the winter wonderland outside!  It's a time of year when memories are made, loved ones gather and gifts are given.  As everyone tries to find the perfect gift for their loved one, I thought it the appropriate time of year to officially announce that I have a Lauren Elise Designs Etsy store coming soon -it's set up, I just have yet to stock it! :-)  
    After my jewelry party on Dec. 8th, I plan to list several items in time for those of you who are still looking for that perfect gift -be sure to check back for the GRAND OPENING!!  The Lauren Elise Designs Etsy store will allow those of you who live in other states, to purchase my jewelry!  Lots of exciting things around the corner including wire wrapped rings!  I'm excited to introduce new designs and new additions to my line of jewelry!  Keep checking back for more details and until then, enjoy the most wonderful time of the year with family and friends!!

~Lauren Elise