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Sunday, February 14, 2010

~ Happy Valentine's Day!!! ~

     Happy Valentine's Day!  Roses, chocolate, BIG red hearts: these are all the signs that this lovey dovey holiday is here! I, for one am a hopeless romantic and adore the fact that we have an entire day devoted to "romance and love". I realize that just like any other holiday, the commercialism and extravagance that this day entails can be a bit much......however, how can you NOT love Valentine's Day? I mean, I will GLADLY use any excuse to spoil my man!  Vday shouldn't be anything extraordinary but a day just like any other day, a day that we seek to do something special for our loved ones.  It's so important to remember to treat each other with the same love and respect each all throughout the year!! 
      I appreciate the fact that my husband chooses to cherish me in such a way that Valentine's Day really is no different, for he makes sure to show me his love on a daily basis!  You never know how much time that you have with the ones you love, and it's crucial to treat each day as if it were your last.  We often hear that cliche' but when you take time to truly think about it, I think we would all act vastly different if we knew today was our last with our family.  We need to treat every moment like Valentine's Day in the sense that loving each other should be at the forefront. Take the time each and every day to let your loved ones know that you care!
     With that said, have a wonderfully romantic holiday with your family!!  Create those heart shaped pancakes, exchange those valentine's, savor the aroma of those ruby red roses and indulge yourself in those delicious dark chocolates wrapped beautifully just for you.  At the end of the day, determine to treat each other just as loving tomorrow morning and....every day of the year.

With love,

~Lauren Elise

(photo of my wonderful husband and I taken by my sweet friend and talented photographer www.edenphotography.biz)

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