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Monday, February 7, 2011

Lots to LOVE!

  This year is flying by and I'm embarrassed to JUST now be blogging for 2011.  I could blame the lack of blogging on recovering from the holidays, being pregnant, or just having wayyy too much going on.  However, instead of making excuses I will jump right in to the real reason behind this post. ;-)
  Valentine's Day!!  Yes, there is lots to love about this special day in February.  It's a day that we all have a really good excuse to eat lots of chocolate, be extra lovey dovey, mushy, and hopelessly romantic.  I personally think we should be this way every day of the year, but that's just me. :-D
  How about some Lauren Elise Jewelry for Valentine's Day this year?  Just steer your sweetheart over to my Etsy shop and give him a "hint" letting him know which fabulous piece is your favorite!  Make sure you let him know that there's FREE SHIPPING until the 14th!! 
  Give the gift of beautiful handcrafted jewelry to your mom, wife, grandma, sister, teacher, best friend, you name it!  There sure is lots to love about V-day and even more to love about this special offer!  Take advantage while you can!

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

~Lauren Elise

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