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Monday, July 19, 2010

J'taime Paris

  I had the privilege of living in Europe for about a year and a half, and while I traveled to many countries, I happen to have a very special place in my heart for Paris!  I loved everything about it and have so many fond memories of being there.  I would absolutely LOVE to go back with my husband one day!  Beautiful architecture, fabulous coffee, quaint little shops, fresh flowers, outdoor markets, the lovely language, these are just a few of the charming attributes of this "city of love".

  I decided to create a necklace in honor of my love of Paris..... 

The Jolie (meaning "pretty" in French) necklace is charming, interesting, vintage, and definitely Paris inspired!  It incorporates a chandelier crystal, rhinestone button, bronze key, and a few other assorted charms.  It instantly adds "love" to any outfit.  While the name means "pretty", I guarantee you'll feel stunning while wearing it!  
   This necklace is $55.00, and if you decide that you must have it, :-) please email me at laurenelisedesigns@rocketmail.com  I'm busy building my inventory for several upcoming parties, and the Four Rivers Salon (in Fargo, ND), so I'm keeping my Etsy shop stocked with just a few items. If you're interested in any of the designs you see on my blog -please email me for more information regarding how to purchase them!

Dream of Paris and the lovely Jolie necklace! ;-D

~Lauren Elise

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