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Monday, April 12, 2010

*A little- Etsy Shop- Spring Cleanin'*

Hello Everyone,

  I'm just letting you know that I'm  doing a little "Spring Cleaning" to my Etsy store so that I can prepare to add some fabulous Spring & Summer pieces to the shop. :-D I won't be listing EVERY single item I have in stock for sale, so if you see something you like on my blog or FB page but do NOT see it on Etsy, PLEASE let me know via email.

    I'm busy preparing for parties this Summer and only want to carry a few pieces of interest in my shop for right now.  The number of items might fluctuate, but as a rule, I'd MUCH rather sell jewelry to you in person. :-) If you are someone who is interested in having a party in ND/MN, please contact me.  Also, if you are eager to purchase something that you see, PLEASE say so via email and I will be more than happy to list it in my shop for you to buy it.  I realize not everyone has the option of having a fabulous jewelry/purse party. {although I WOULD love to take Lauren Elise Designs on the road! ;-D }

~Enjoy these sneak peaks from my *SPRING & SUMMER 2010 COLLECTION*


ashley t said...

I love your new spring things!!!

ashley t said...

I love your new spring things!!!